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Unit prices

Listed below are the current unit prices for the range of Fidante products. All exit prices are pre-income unless otherwise stated.

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Alphinity Investment Management 
Ardea Investment Management 
Bentham Asset Management 
Credit Suisse 
Greencape Capital 
Kapstream Capital 
Kinetic Investment Partners 
Merlon Capital Partners 
NovaPort Capital 
SG Hiscock and Company 
Tempo Asset Management 
WaveStone Capital 
Alphinity Investment ManagementAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Alphinity Australian Share FundHOW0122AU23/01/2017 $2.6671 $2.6565 History
Alphinity Wholesale Australian Share FundPAM0001AU23/01/2017 $2.7033 $2.6925 History
Alphinity Concentrated Australian Share FundEQI0001AU23/01/2017 $2.0186 $2.0106 History
Alphinity Wholesale Concentrated Australian Share FundHOW0026AU23/01/2017 $1.1411 $1.1365 History
Alphinity Socially Responsible Share FundGLO0015AU23/01/2017 $1.2797 $1.2745 History
Alphinity Wholesale Socially Responsible Share FundHOW0121AU23/01/2017 $1.4103 $1.4047 History
Alphinity Wholesale Australian Equity FundHOW0019AU23/01/2017 $1.2956 $1.2904 History
Ardea Investment ManagementAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Ardea Wholesale Australian Inflation Linked Bond FundHOW0062AU23/01/2017 $0.9792 $0.9768 History
Ardea Real Outcome FundHOW0098AU23/01/2017 $0.9126 $0.9104 History
Ardea Real Outcome Plus FundHOW0162AU23/01/2017 $0.9986 $0.9962 History
Bentham Asset ManagementAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Bentham Wholesale Global Income FundCSA0038AU23/01/2017 $1.0718 $1.0638 History
Bentham Professional Global Income FundCSA0045AU23/01/2017 $1.0360 $1.0282 History
Bentham Wholesale High Yield FundCSA0102AU23/01/2017 $0.9361 $0.9287 History
Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan FundCSA0046AU23/01/2017 $1.0268 $1.0182 History
Bentham Professional Syndicated Loan FundCSA0048AU23/01/2017 $0.9623 $0.9541 History
Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan Fund NZD-23/01/2017 $0.9816 $0.9732 History
Bentham Wholesale Global Income Fund NZD-23/01/2017 $1.0314 $1.0236 History
Bentham Wholesale Asset Backed Securities Fund-23/01/2017 $1.0178 $1.0132 History
Credit SuisseAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Credit Suisse Enhanced Commodity FundCSA0063AU09/09/2014 N/A N/A History
Credit Suisse Global Private Equity FundCSA0042AU30/12/2016 $0.2258 1 $0.2214 1 History
Greencape CapitalAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Greencape Wholesale Broadcap FundHOW0034AU23/01/2017 $1.3411 $1.3357 History
Greencape Premier Broadcap Fund-23/01/2017 $1.1834 $1.1786 History
Greencape Wholesale High Conviction FundHOW0035AU23/01/2017 $1.3025 $1.2973 History
Greencape Broadcap Fund Class AHOW0158AU23/01/2017 $0.9344 $0.9306 History
Kapstream CapitalAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Kapstream Wholesale Absolute Return Income FundHOW0052AU23/01/2017 $1.2157 $1.2157 History
Kinetic Investment PartnersAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Kinetic Wholesale Emerging Companies FundHOW0036AU23/01/2017 $0.8160 $0.8112 History
Merlon Capital PartnersAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
MCP Australian Share Income FundEQI0004AU23/01/2017 $0.4811 $0.4791 History
Merlon Wholesale Australian Share Income FundHBC0011AU23/01/2017 $1.1524 $1.1478 History
Merlon Wholesale Australian Share Fund-23/01/2017 $1.0125 $1.0085 History
Merlon Australian Equity Income Fund (CNA)WAR0002AU23/01/2017 $1.1464 $1.1418 History
Merlon Absolute Return Fund-23/01/2017 $0.9021 $0.8985 History
NovaPort CapitalAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
NovaPort Wholesale Microcap FundHOW0027AU23/01/2017 $1.9451 $1.9335 History
NovaPort Smaller Companies FundHOW0017AU23/01/2017 $2.1687 $2.1557 History
NovaPort Wholesale Smaller Companies FundHOW0016AU23/01/2017 $2.4768 $2.4620 History
NovaPort Premier Smaller Companies FundHOW0018AU23/01/2017 $2.2560 $2.2426 History
SG Hiscock and CompanyAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
SG Hiscock Property Securities FundWAR0005AU23/01/2017 $0.7896 $0.7864 History
SG Hiscock Wholesale Property Securities FundHBC0008AU23/01/2017 $0.8408 $0.8366 History
SG Hiscock Wholesale Property FundCRS0007AU23/01/2017 $0.8900 $0.8856 History
SG Hiscock Professional Property FundCSA0115AU23/01/2017 $0.8058 $0.8018 History
Tempo Asset ManagementAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
Tempo Global Bond Fund - Wholesale Class-23/01/2017 $0.9676 $0.9656 History
Tempo Global Equity Fund - Wholesale Class-23/01/2017 $0.9575 $0.9555 History
WaveStone CapitalAPIRDateEntry priceExit price 
WaveStone Dynamic Australian Equity FundHOW0053AU23/01/2017 $1.4774 $1.4716 History
Wavestone Wholesale Australian Share FundHOW0020AU23/01/2017 $1.6764 $1.6698 History
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1 Monthly unit prices are released effective the end of each month.

Pre-income unit price: The unit price before income has been distributed (therefore the unit price includes both changes in capital and any income accumulated)

Post-income unit price: The unit price after income has been distributed (therefore the unit price does not include any income accumulated)

Disclaimer - These entry and exit prices are current as at the time of this communication, but are not the guaranteed prices you will receive should you apply for or redeem any units on or after the time of this communication, because the actual price may be calculated by reference to a different date. The above details are provided for information purposes only. They are not an offer or recommendation to you to buy or sell securities or other investment products, nor a solicitation for deposits or other business, whether directly or indirectly, in any state, foreign country or in any other jurisdiction (other than Australia) where such offering or solicitation may not be lawfully made. Where applicable, the entry and exit prices shown above do not take into account any application fees or exit fees that may be payable upon entry to or exit from the fund.

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